This is why you should try burying a used tea bag in your garden

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theezakje tuinieren


By burying a tea bag in your garden, you will provide nutrition to the soil. By creating nutritious soil your plants will be healthier and grow quicker. This is because tea works as a natural fertilizer for the soil. The teabag itself is made of abaca plant fibres, which is a type of banana plant. The bag will dissolve with its contents and create a healthy environment for plants and flowers to grow. Tea contains tannins, which are a natural fertilizer.


If you don’t feel like burying tea bags next to your plants, you could also just chuck them onto the compost heap. The acids in the tea leaves will help the disintegration process of the compost. This way you’ll be able to use the compost to fertilize your garden much sooner, which will make your garden very happy!

Water retention

Did you know that if you bury a tea bag close to the roots of your flowers and plants that it will help retain water in the soil? If there’s one thing that’s important for plants, it’s water!