Learn to recognise these 4 early signs of Alzheimer’s disease


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You can recognize Alzheimer’s by these symptoms:

2. Cognitive functions

People with Alzheimer’s have trouble remembering things as well as retaining new information. They will also lose the ability to think, judge, decide and understand. They will have trouble doing things independently. People with Alzheimer’s will stop taking initiative and often feel disoriented.

3. Losing touch with reality

Many people with Alzheimer’s start to lose their grip on reality, causing delusions that don’t comply with reality. This also causes them to become suspicious, paranoid and distrustful. Alzheimer’s patients often accuse their partners, children or caregivers of stealing or lying because they can’t comprehend what’s going on. Alzheimer’s can also cause hallucinations.

4. Trouble with everyday activities

Activities that were once easy will become more and more difficult. Think of menial tasks such as doing the dishes or running errands. Alzheimer’s often makes people clumsy and forgetful. However, social relationships usually stay intact. Therefore, close friends and family often don’t notice symptoms until the patient starts to deteriorate quickly. 

Source: HersenstichtingNHS | Image: video still, YouTube

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