Get rid of flabby arms with these quick and easy exercises

Burn Fat

When it comes to body fat, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to target specific areas. Working out and changing your diet can help burn overall body fat, which eventually will lessen the appearance of flabby arms. However, the problem area will likely remain. Luckily, you can train specific muscles to tone areas you’re insecure about. By doing these exercises, you can get toned arms. 


We’ve got a few easy exercises for you. Are you a little more experienced in working out? Try holding some weights or two waterbottles to challenge yourself more. These exercises only take up three minutes of your day. The best part: you can do them sitting down! So there’s absolutely no excuse not to try them.


Curious what you have to do to tone your flabby arms? Watch the video below to learn how to do it. Once you get the hang of the exercises you don’t need the video anymore and you can just do them while you’re watching tv! If you think you’d forget to do them, try doing them first thing in the morning. Get up, drink some water and do this three-minute exercise. Good luck!