‘You should always wash raw chicken before preparing it’: true or false? This is the answer!

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No, you shouldn’t be washing raw chicken. By rinsing raw chicken under running water, you can even cause the bacteria to splash away and spread around your kitchen. These bacteria can end up in a glass of water, on the veggies you’ve just rinsed or on the cutting board on your kitchen counter, etc. This is called cross-contamination and this can make you ill! So, no washing. Just make sure the chicken is heated through and through. Washing the chicken doesn’t help one bit with removing the bacteria. The only way to prevent a campylobacter contamination is by sufficiently heating the meat. In addition to that, you should also always immediately wash the utensils you used on the chicken with hot water and dish soap.


To prevent you or others from being contaminated with this nasty bacteria you can do a couple of things. Pay attention to the expiration date of the chicken when you buy it and always store it in a cool place. Use a cooler bag or cooler to transport the chicken from the store to your home. Once home, immediately put it in the fridge or freezer. Always wash your hands before you start cooking and also wash them every time after you touch the chicken. Immediately wash the utensils (cutlery, cutting board, etc.) the raw chicken has come into contact with after you’re done with them. Make sure the chicken is heated through and through so it’s completely cooked. Store the cooked chicken in your fridge for a maximum of two days.

Source: Gezondheid.be | Image: Pexels